350W, 2x10” + 1”
This is one of the first popular cabs to start the trend of powerful and full featured 2x10” bass combos. Now in its second version (it has dropped the octave effect but has added 50W more to the power amp), this easily transportable combo has more features than most stand alone preamps, sounds incredibly well, and is powerful enough for most situations. The clinically flat EBS preamp has a great EQ section. This includes the now famous Bright control (just plug a passive bass and be in heaven, or plug in a modern sound and get all the nuances from it). Then there is the “Character” switch, that simulated how a valve amp would behave, adding more punch and low end. Switch on the Character and use a little bit of the Bright feature, and you will be smiling in seconds. The onboard compressor/limit is there not (just) to protect the speakers. It is a very musical effect that will give you anything from subtle compression to a hard limiting 70’s effect that manages to remain musical (just hear Marcus). The back panel is equally impressive with all the usual outputs and inputs, plus a lot of nice bonuses like a bass eraser for the aux input, phantom power (up to 27 Volts) for your bass & pedals, and more.

EBS Gorm 210

EBS Gorm 210

Enlace web http://www.ebs.bass.se


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