This is an amazing Ampeg PB800 head. 800W of pure and clean power, two channels and 20 pounds. Read on



Ampeg PortaBass Series products are designed for the active modern bass player who values portability and excellent tone. The PB-800 features our Micro-Dynamic Technology, which eliminates the need for bulky heatsinks and large, noisy fans. Two independent channels, each with separate Gain and EQ, allow you to plug in two different basses for quick instrument changes during performances, making the PB-800 ideal for the electric bassist who doubles on upright.

Eight hundred watts, sure that’s a lot of power, but power alone is not enough—the Ampeg PB-800 is really all about tone. With three bands of EQ, sweepable Mid-frequency control and Ultra-High/Low switches, the PortaBass-800 is the supreme tone-sculpting machine. And the built-in XLR Balanced Line, with Pre/Post select, Ground Lift and Level control, will get you into the house mix flawlessly.

The Ampeg PB-800 gives you the ultimate combination of power, tone, and portability in a small, lightweight package.
• 2 Separate Channels
• 2 Separate EQ Sections
• Sweepable Mid
• Effects Blend
• Rack Mountable
• FX Blend Control

Note: this is our last "Made in USA" Ampeg PB800 head. This unit has nothing to do with the new Ampeg amps, which are manufactured in Vietnam. The american amp has more effective power, better sound and is overall better built. Ampeg have closed their factory in the U.S.and are now producing ALL their amps in Vietnam.

Don't miss the chance to buy a great amp that won't be available anymore anywhere else.

Ampeg PB800 (Made in USA)

Availability: Inmediato

Power: 800W
Min Impedance: 2 Ohms
Preamp: Solid State
Power amp: Micro Dynamic Technology
EQ: 2 Channel preamp. Both with 3 band EQ, sweepable mids and Deep & Bright controls
Other controls: Effects Blend
DI: Yes, Balanced, Pre-Post EQ
Voltage: 220 Volts
Weight: 9kg, 20 lbs

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Ampeg PB800 (Made in USA)

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