Here's a brand new release by Fender that actually looks quite vintage.

As you know, Fender invented the electric bass, and they designed the Jaguar guitar, so it made sense that sooner or later they would create the Fender Jaguar Bass.

With that Jaguar trademark body that borrows from a Strat and a Tele, custom shaped pickguard and 3 control areas, this bass combines classic looks with the latest in bass electronics and switching.

In Passive mode this bass delivers a powerful puchy sound in the vein of other Fender Japan creations such as artist's signature basses Marcus Miller and Geddy Lee models. The two pots next to the output jack are Master Volume and Master tone. The three switches on the lower horn plate are individual pickup on-off switches, plus a special switch to go from parallel to series modes (similar to the S-1 switch found in the Fender Amercian Series basses).

But there's more: the plate in the upper horn area houses the active preamp, and you get Active/Passive switch plus Bass and Treble boost controls. You can switch from passive to active to get a very powerful sound by boosting the Lows slightly, ot get more extreme sounds if that's what you want.

Fender Jaguar Bass Black

Fender Jaguar Bass Black

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