New head from Epifani based on the amazing UL502 unit. Clean uncoloured sound with plenty of power and headroom. Lowest noise floor in the market!! This head pumps out 1000W in bridged mono at 8 Ohms, or 500Wx2 at 4 Ohms. We are sure you'll like the noew lower price too!

Epifani PS1000

Power: 1000W RMS
Min Impedance: 4 Ohms
Preamp: Solid State
Power amp: Solid State
EQ: 3 Band
Other controls: Switchable Mid Cut, variable, Mute
DI: Yes, Balanced
Other connections: Fx Loop
Voltage: 120/240 Volts
Weight: 5,5kg, 13lbs
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Epifani PS1000