• Zachmann 3/4 All Solid-Made in Germany
  • Zachmann 3/4 All Solid-Made in Germany

Professional Zachmann double bass handmade in Germany in 2000 by artisans from the famous Rubner shop.

String length is a very comfortable 102.5cm.

Maple sides and back (back is slightly flamed). Top grade spruce top. Incredibly beautiful flamed maple neck and excellent piece of ebony for the fingerboard. 

Very good tuners.

Gamba shape with slope shoulders for a very comfortable upper register reach.

Currently it has a low action setup that is perfect for Classical as well as Jazz, Folk, etc. G & D strings are Thomastik Belcanto while the A and E are D'Addario Kaplan. This is our personal favourite string arrangement for a bass that will work just fine with the bow but can still be played pizzicato. Of course we can install different strings if you prefer. Please ask us. We are strings experts too.


Being a solid instrument, the response is quick and clear yet warm and full. Escellent volume and projection as well as a very rich tone.

Constructionwise this is a really solid instrument. You won't get any strange noises or vibrations here. Everything works flawlessly and the sound is just amazing. You could use this instrument to complete your double bass degree or simple use it in just about any musical situation with great results time and time again.

This double bass was made in 2000 and it has been played so the tone is open and full. General condition is pretty amazing with only a few superficial dings. It's obvious that the previous owner really cared about this instrument.

Furthermore, a number of upgrades have been made on this instrument by one of the top Spanish double bass luthiers in Madrid. Please note:

- The neck was reshaped to remove the excessive thickness. Now it has standard dimensions. This was made with utmost care, removing only what was needed. This neck is incredibly solid.

- Incredibly comfortable set up that allows you to play in any area of the neck with ease. The fingerboard was completely reshaped and now you can use the bow without the fear of the string chocking by touching the fingerboard, but this has been achieved while keeping a reasonably low action. We love that.

 - A new ebony nut was installed and it is expertly shaped and cut. You can play in half position comfortably for hours and hours.

- The bridge has been reshaped too so now this bass plays just perfectly in all registers.

- The heavy wooden tailpiece has been replaced by a much lighert and resonant carbon fiber tailpiece and it is attached to the endpin with a kevlar wire.

- The soundpost has been relocated to achieve more volume and richness in tone.

To sum up: an all solid professional double bass that sounds great, looks gorgeous and plays like a dream thanks to the aftermarket jobs performed. Amazing value for money. What else could you ask for?


Zachmann 3/4 All Solid-Made in Germany

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Zachmann all solid 3/4

Shape: Gamba
Top: Solid Sprice
Back and sides: Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Aubert
Strings: Thomastik Belcanto (G & D), D'Addario Kaplan (A & E)
Scale: 3/4
Lenght of vibrating string: 102.5cm

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Zachmann 3/4 All Solid-Made in Germany