• Marleaux Consat SE Anniversary Limited Edition Old Violin Aged Spruce top Fretless 6 string
  • Marleaux Consat SE Anniversary Limited Edition Old Violin Aged Spruce top Fretless 6 string

Marleaux Consat SE Aniniversary Bass Limited Edition w/ Spruce top in Old Violin Aged finish, 6 string

We have been dealers for Marleaux basses for years and we've always been amazed by the sheer quality of these handmade basses so obviously we had to get these. We have sold lots of Marleaux basses over the years and each of them was fantastic. 

There's simply nothing in the market with this quality within this price range, period. Best value for money.

The fact that Gerald has been building to perfection his basses for more than 30 years is an added value. He will only use perfectly dry and stable tonewoods. This means that these basses are far more than the sum of its parts. You are also buying Marleaux' expertise as well as the luthier's painstakingly attention to detail.

All Marleaux bass models are simply amazing but our best selling model ever is the Consat bass. It is a really well proportioned, comfortable, balanced and lightweight bass.

The year 2020 marked our 15th Anniversary as a bass specialist shop and we ordered a small batch of Consat SE basses and we asked Gerald Marleaux to come up with a special finish just to make them even more special. We couldn't believe it when we got them: an astonishing beautiful spruce top finished in "old violin" was used, making these arguably the most beautiful basses we had ever seen. Those basses sold immediately but we liked them so much that we insisted Gerald that he would continue making such basses for us in the future.

These are built in very small batches and we only get a handful of them every year so if you like what you see, we recommend you purchase it before it's gone.

Apart from great sound and playability, we really dig the incredible string to string and note to note consistency. This is just perfect and it is really hard to find on many basses as you know

Elecronics are top notch and ultra quiet . These include a pair of tried and tested Delano SBC humbuckers and Marleaux own circuit board (probably the quietest in the world and super musical).

Top of the line ABM bridge and Schaller tuners and straplocks complete a really amazing bass that actually is made using exclusively German woods (except for the ebony board), hardware and electronics. The whole idea is to reduce the carbon print while using at the same time only the best parts in the market. This really works and we love it.

These basses have some really special specs such as:

- Spruce Top

- Old Violin Aged finsh that resembles an old string instrument

- Matching headstock

- Ebony fingerboard. Fretless with side lines and small lines in the C string area

- Zero fret

- Matt finish throughout for a smooth feel and 100% organic look

- Passive Tone in Passive Mode (Treble Pot)

- Very limited units available

- And subjective as this might be, we really think these basses are plain gorgeous!!

This is the 6 string fretless model.

It is feather light, allows for an ultra low action and sounds amazing.

Responsive, dynamic, clear and full bodied.

Any technique you may think of this bass will deliver with ease. The 34" scale and 55mm nut are simply perfec. So easy to play...

We just love the low B. It is powerful and clear, proving that if a bass is well done, it is possible to get a low B that really speaks. And the best it that it sounds absolutely integrated with the rest of the strings. Same thing happens with the High C. It sounds super nice and not too bright or thin as in some other basses (especially those with an extra long scale).

This bass sounds really impressive in Passive mode. Use the Balance pot to get three really excellent sounds and add maybe a touch of passive tone for a more traditional tone or Jaco style. Then kick in the active preamp if you need a little boost, more presence or just a different sound. All 3 bands are dead quiet and incredibly musical.

This bass will give you that ellusive fretless mwah sound effortlessly. Simply dial in the bridge pickup and you'll get that immediately at the tip of your fingertips. Then use both pickups and add a touch of Bass and Treble in Active mode and you'll get almost the same sound as a fretted bass. Pretty incredible.

It comes with a heavily padded gigbag, tools and certificate.

If you need a full professional bass that plays and sounds like a dream but you don't have the budget to go for an 8000€ bass, this is by far your absolutely best choice. Believe is

Marleaux Consat SE Anniversary Limited Edition Old Violin Aged Spruce top Fretless 6 string

Body: Alder
Top: Spruce in "Aged Old Violin" finish
Neck: 3 piece hardrock maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: 24 (fretless)
Pickups: Delano SBCHE/S4 Humbuckers x2
Electronics: Marleaux Active-Passive
Controls: Volume, Balance, Bass, Mid, Treble. Passive Tone. Switch for active-passive operation
Weight: 4.25kg
Neck width at nut (mm): 55
String spacing at the bridge (mm): 18
Scale (inches): 34
More: Limited Edition. Includes extra padded gigbag, certificate, tools and straplocks
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Marleaux Consat SE Anniversary Limited Edition Old Violin Aged Spruce top Fretless 6 string