• Vintage VJ74 Icon Fretless Bass Distressed Sunburst
  • Vintage VJ74 Icon Fretless Bass Distressed Sunburst

We've been searching for an affordable Relic instrument for a long time and we are glad to introduce the new and improved Icon series by Vintage.

Instruments with a worn in look are more than a trend. Who doesn't like the aspect of an instrument that's been used for decades? Unfortunately until now your only options were to get a real vintage bass from the 60's or 70's but these are currently reaching a value that's far beyond the budget of many players. Also some of these real vintage basses look incredibly cool but sometimes they have serious issues such as non working truss rods, warped necks or have pickups that lost their initial great sound long ago.

Another alternative is buy a new bass that has been finished to look like an old beaten up bass and these have the advantage of playing and sounding great out of the box (worn in look, but they play and sound like new instruments). Some examples are Fender Custom Shop, Sandberg California Hardcore Aged, Nash, Rebel Relic, etc. Unfortunately these are not much cheaper from the original vintage basses so again the price point will be a problem for many players.

This is where these new Vintage Icon basses kick in. They have been designed in the U.K by guitar guru Trev Wilkinson and they will take the world by the storm.

You get a new bass with a heavy relic finish (down to slightly rusted hardware and all) but with some cool features such as Wilkinson pickups, Wilkinson bridge and tuners, graphite nut, etc., all of it for the price of a beginner's bass.

The Vintage VJ74 Sunset Sunburst fretless bass replicates the beautiful, worn-in look and feel of an old Jazz Bass that exhibits a lifetime's worth of woodshedding, rehearsing and performing, straight out of the box. The finish is Sunburst and it comes without the pickguard. Obviously Jaco Pastorius is the clear inspiration for this particular model and we love it.

We love the stock Wilkinson PB WJ800 and WJB800 single coil pickups. You get a raw vintage type of sound with excellent midrange and good output that will cut thru walls of guitars.The neck pickup is pretty fat sounding and the bridge unit compliments that with a thinner and more nasal type of sound that's great for soloing. Trim down the passive tone and you'll get a beautiful Jaco tone instantly. Impressive.

The compensated brass saddle bridge and improved access to the upper part of the fingerboard help to get improved playability.

The rosewood fingerboard comes with maple fretmarkers and these will prove to be of great help if you are new to fretless. Even experienced fretless players will thank those lines for improved intonation.

These basses are so affordable that are also perfect in case you want to try other pickups or electronics.

PLEASE NOTE: Straight out of the box we feel that these basses need a proper set up and some fretwork. Every single Vintage bass that we sell has received our special treat of fret leveling and filing for a much more comfortable experience as well as a full set up. This makes a huge difference. Once again we only sell basses that we are 100% satisfied with even if it takes us some time and work. We are glad to do that so you can play and enjoy it the day you get it from us. Any other Vintage bass you buy out there will have to be taken care of by a luthier and that will mean time and money. Please bear that in mind.

Amazing value for money.

Vintage VJ74 Icon Fretless Bass Distressed Sunburst

Availability: green

Body: Poplar
Neck: Hardrock maple
Fingerboard: Palisander
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: 20 (fretless)
Pickups: Wilkinson PB WJ800 Single Coil x2
Electronics: Passive
Controls: Volume, Volume, Tone
Weight: 3.7kg
Neck width at nut (mm): 38
String spacing at the bridge (mm): 19
Scale (inches): 34
Our price €
475,00 €

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Vintage VJ74 Icon Fretless Bass Distressed Sunburst