• Sandberg California TM2 Super Light Greenburst
  • Sandberg California TM2 Super Light Greenburst

This Sandberg California TM4 Greenline SL is a classic looking instrument with some modern specs and features. Those two letters at the end stand for Super Light and it really is because it weighs in at just 2.8kg. Simply amazing.

This ultra low weight is achieved by using Pawlonia for the body. This wood comes from a fast growing tree that is also incredibly light.

It has been designed for players who need a really versatile and powerful bass and can be used for hours without fatigue.

Classic body and neck dimensions (38mm nut) make it a really comfortable bass to play.

This bass comes finished in a cool "Greenburst" color with pearloid pickguard.

This bass in particular comes with two Sandberg Humbucker pickups as well as Sandberg 2 band electronics. In short, a winning combination.

We dig the dual Humbucker arrangement. There's a switch to split the humbuckers and get true Single Coil operation so the number of great sounds available is just amazing. In practice you get authentic Fender and Music Man sounds (and more) in a single bass that plays like a dream, looks really cool, is ridiculously lightweight.

Another cool thing is that this bass belongs in the Greeline Series which consists of the following: for each Greenline instrument produced, Sandberg will plant a tree in the local area of the Harz mountains in Germany. in collaboration with the United Kids Foundation Forest.  Also these instruments are used perfectly stable woods that show some character such as special marks, grains and colorations. These things make other builders reject perfectly usable woods but there's no reason for that. Actually this is a perfect way to create a more responsible instrument that also has some special life to it. In a world where social media filters try to make you cheat and think there are no natural marks on your skin, we just embrace those aesthetically imperfect signs of nature.

Great price for a bass with such specs and also 100% made in Europe, is environmentally friendly and is feather light. Plus it sounds amazing.

Gigbag included.


Sandberg California TM2 Super Light Greenburst

Disponibilidad: green

Cuerpo: Pawlonia
Mástil: Arce
Diapasón: Arce
Construcción: Atornillado
Trastes: 22
Pastillas: Sandberg MM x2
Electrónica: Sandberg Activa-Pasiva
Controles: Volumen, Balance, Graves, Agudos, Tono Pasivo. Switch Single-Humbucker. Push-Pull para Activo-Pasivo
Peso: 2.8kg (6.17lbs)
Anchura Traste 1 (mm): 38
Separación de cuerdas en el puente (mm): 19
Escala (pulgadas): 34
Otros: Made in Germany. Funda Incluida
Antes"2.200,00 €
Nuestro precio €
1.990,00 €

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Sandberg California TM2 Super Light Greenburst