El MTD de mi vecino -
El MTD de mi vecino
MTD King 4 blue Entero -
MTD King 4 blue Entero 0,0 MB
Michael Tobias needs no introduction.
He is arguably one of the best luthiers in the world, having specialized in electric basses.
After founding and running his own company "Tobias" for some years, he decided to sell it to Giubson in the early 90's. After a brief collaboration with Gibson, he ended up making a completely new brand that would allow him to further develop his ideas and developments in the world of bass. This company is called MTD (Michael Tobias Design).
There are two series: the MTD American (made in USA, obviously), and the more affordable series of basses crafted in Korea. These are not your usual Korean basses though. All the experiece in instrument design and components selection from Michael Tobias himself went into the development of these basses.

Some common specs in all these basses are:
24 frets (with a zero fret)
Buzz Feiten tuning system
19mm string spacing at bridge
4 string basses are 34" scale and 5 string basses are 35" to improve the low B performance.

This model in particualar is an MTD Kingston and sports a single humbucker pickup at the bridge and 3 band active preamp. Powerful, sensitive and useable in many different styles.

MTD Kingston 4

MTD Kingston 4

Enlace web www.mtdbass.com


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