Here's a great versatile 6 string from Carvin.

Neck through construction means great sustain and effortless access to the top frets.

Two propietary Carvin pickups and switchable 3 band preamp offer a wide array of useable tones, from a powerful and sweet P bass to a mighty Musicman sound, but with the added range of a 6 string.
The bridge humbucker can be split for single coil operation.

So far so good, but there's more: the Hipshot bridge (which allows the strings to be installed through the body or the traditional way) houses Fushman piezo saddles that sound incredible (none of the usual thin and trebly sounds you get from most piezos), either on their own or mixed with the magnetic pickups.

Hard case included
First impressions:
- Musicman Stingray sound in a 6 string format, with a very useable low B. Lots of punch and volume for a 34"
- Probably one of the lightest 6 strings we've had, so it won't break your back.
-The Fishman piezo bridge is really balanced and has none of that trebly tone from other systems
- Great sustain sue to neck through body construction and thru the body stringing
- Mid string separation allows for chords, fingerstyle and slap

Carvin LB76

Carvin LB76

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