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Kohler Mini P
A toy bass? Think twice!

As soon as we learnt about this great mini bass, we could not help order a couple, and now they are selling really well.

As you can see in the pictures, it is much smaller than a regular bass (standard Stratocaster 25’5“ scale), which makes it ideal as:
- Travel bass. Never leave home without a bass from now on.
- Piccolo Bass. With the correct strings (we have them), it can be tunes an octave above standard and you can make it sing.
- Practice bass at home. Picture this: sitting in the couch watching the news or some stupid show; now you can practice scales, slap patterns, etc. Your technique will thank you.
- And of course: kids bass. Victor Wooten started at age 4, so it is never too soon.

We have upgraded some of these mini P’s with better electronics and tuners, but for the selling price it is great value.

Kohler Mini Precision

Kohler Mini Precision

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