Fender Jazz Bass 24
This is Fender’s first Jazz Bass with 24 frets, and one of the few Fenders to feature two octaves per string (along with Stu Hamm’s signature Urge bass).

He have grown used to 20, 21 and 22 fret Fenders, so this bass is what many players have been asking for. The idea is to offer a bass with the classic sound, shape and styling of an old JB, but with some extra features.

Two Basslines single coil pickups are run through a 3 band Basslines active preamp. The Slap switch effectively cuts the mids and boosts the lows for instant perfect slap sound.

Hipshop tuners have been used, and the bridge is one of Fender’s more substantial units in the last few years.

The bass comes with 45-110 strings, which means it is ready for use and abuse as soon as you grab it. Of course, different gauges can be used to accommodate any player’s taste and technique.

Fender Jazz Bass 24

Fender Jazz Bass 24

Enlace web http://www.fender.com/


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