Bassline Worp detrás -
Bassline Worp detrás

Bassline basses have been made for 15 years in Germany by luthier Rüdiger Ziesemann. From the Bassline shop in Krefeld come out some of the most special, imaginative and well made basses in the market today. Rüdiger combines centuries old craftmanship with the latest tools and CNC machines to produce the fabulous instruments that he creates in his mind. 

This is a Worp model, and it is a bass that doesn't pass unnoticed! This model is based on the patented "Universal" Electric Upright Bass, which was (and is) an instrument that featured an extended neck to add sustain and fundamental to the notes.

Bassline "Universal"

Rüdiger got many requests from customer to build an electric bass with that same principle, and the Worp was born.

The body is made of mahogany, and in this case the top and the back are made of bubinga. The neck is a 7 piece laminate made of bubinga and maple, and the three maple stripes get closer to each other as they reach the first fret.

With a neck-through construction, so much bubinga, the extended neck and single cutaway design, this bass has all the sustain you could ever ask for. In order to retain some attack and crispness, Rüdiger chose a headless design, and this produces an arguably perfect balance between sustain and attack. This bass just has it all, and it is the player who determines how the bass should sound by using different technicques.

The ebony fingerboard sports 26 frets and access to the last one is clean and unrestricted.

With a design and construction so special, this bass could not come with standard electronics. Instead, a trio of Le Fay single coils are used in order to capture as much as possible of the acoustic resonance of the instrument. We are glad to report that this unusual arrangement of 3 pickups is very effective. Switching is done via a 6 way rotary switch that selects several pickup combinations in a very musical way. The active/passive Noll 3 band preamp is the final touch in case you need more flexibility or if you want to gently adapt the sound to a particular amp or room.

Playing the bass is a very unique experience, especially the first minutes. First impression is a little bit strange, no so much because you cannot pass your left hand thumb over the neck (which is something hardly ever done in a 5 string bass anyway), but beacuse the extra amount of wood over your thumb is a little bit confusing and your left and right hand coordination gets a little bit lost. Fortunately, all it takes is 5 minutes playing the bass to realize it is very easy to play, and in no time you feel really comfortable. The neck extention is also great to make to use a "correct" left hand position.

You can order this bass as it is, or choose from a long list of options. Contact us for details.

Bassline Worp 5

Bassline Worp 5

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