This is the most affordable member of Yamaha's TRB family, and also the only 4 string instrument in the range. TRB basses always have excellent definition, thanks in part to the long scale of 35". Sure, 35" is quite common in 5 & 6 string basses, but not so in 4 stringers.

In this case, the longer scale translates in amazing clarity in all areas of the neck, and is particularly suitable if you want to detune the bass, as it will hold better lower tunings and heavier strings.

Rosewood fingerboards with oval mother-of-pearl inlays sit atop bolt-on 3-piece 35" maple necks. The body is made of alder with a premium quilted maple top. Electronics include two custom Alnico humcanceling pickups which feed an active preamp with 3-band EQ. Black hardware and a solid brass bridge are standard.

Yamaha TRB1004

Yamaha TRB1004

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