Warwick Vampyre Bolt-on 'Dark Lord'

From Warwick's website:

The Vampyre Dark Lord is the first bass worldwide to be especially built for low F# tuning and is being manufactured as a regular, production Warwick bass. With its sandblasted Ovangkol body with French Ash top in a sandwich construction, its 35" scale length and the active electronics it meets the needs of those who love to dwell in the lower realms of tone in terms of optics and sound. Compared to the other Vampyre models, the body of this Vampyre has been dimensioned larger to manage the extremely low tones of the Dark Lord. The selection of the tone woods has been also done in a manner to best support the extended lower range. French Ash is a very heavy sort of Ash, which shows a more even grain and dense structure of the wood than Swamp Ash. It is perfectly suitable for the extraordinary finish, where the wood is sandblasted and the surface becomes textured in an intense way due to the different hardness grades. The humbucker,by the way,  can be split, thus activating the bridge coil. The Dark Lord is exclusively available as 4-string.

Exclusively available as 4-string
Available as lefthand and fretless
Ovangkol body with French Ash top
Ovangkol neck with Wenge fingerboard (fretless with a Tigerstripe Ebony fingerboard)
Measure: 35" (extra long scale)
24 frets
Active MEC J/TJ pickups
Active MEC 3-band tone control
Push/pull-volume pot to split the humbucker (bridge-coil activated)
Natural Satin Sanded finish, Sanded Oil finish (coloured) or High Polish finish (without sand-streamed surface)
Warwick tuners
Warwick 2-piece bridge
Warwick security locks
Black hardware
Sharp F tuning (F#)
Just-A-Nut III
Weight: 5,1 kg
Warwick Black Label strings "Dark Lord" (40250DL): .085" (A), .105" (E), .135" (B), .175" (F#)
Including Warwick \"User Kit\" and \"Premium Line Plus\" RockBag®

Warwick Vampyre Dark Lord

Warwick Vampyre Dark Lord

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