Sandberg have found its way into Doctorbass, so you will be seeing more of these great German basses here soon.


Sandberg have been producing fine basses for some years, including models from 4 to 7 strings, solid or semihollow, fretted or fretless, with a wide choice of pickups and electronics.



This bass is a Panther Special, and it represents the first 35" scale instrument in the Sandberg catalogue. Using only nice tonewoods (mahogany body with walnut top) and a matt finish, there's something very natural and organic to this bass.

Electronics have been custom made for this model by Delano and include a set of new shaped humbuckers and switchable active 3 band EQ.

Plug this bass in and you'll be rewarded with a warm tone that also has plenty of high end detail with that trademark Snadberg snap. This means you can use this bass for just any style of music. The Panther Special delivers!

With Gigbag.





Sandberg Panther Special 5

Sandberg Panther Special 5

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