Here's a brand new Marleaux Betra 6 headless bass.

You probably know by now that we are huge fans of Marleaux's handmade basses, and this model is no exception.

Headless design basses are not just easy to carry around; they have a distinctive sound with a strong percussive character that makes them perfect for slap & tap, but also for any playing situation where you need a clear sound with excellent note separation.

Some headless basses suffer from lack of sustain, but the Betra is a great example of the oppositte. The fast attack is followed by a long and clear sustain. If you've ever heard the expression "piano like sound", this a bass that could be described as such. Actually, you can go from a great growl in the low register to an almost Piccolo bass type of sound in one second without toiuching any controls.

Two Delano humbuckers capture the acoustic resonance of this instrument perfectly. You can then modify the basic sound with the musical and extremely low noise Marleaux 3 band preamp, one of the best in the market.

The myrtle top is as beautiful as rare at the same time.

For us, the combination of the High Tech headless design and gorgeous exotic woods is a match made in heaven, as you get an instrument with a lot of modern design and ideas, plus the classic looks of exotic wood basses in one single instrument that is very easy to play and will make you smile when you play it.

Marleaux Betra 6

Marleaux Betra 6

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