Thunderbolt detras -
Thunderbolt detras
Thunderbolt pala -
Thunderbolt pala

This bass could be described as the perfect modern bass: great exotic tonewoods, perfect construction, top noth electronics, and a perfect feel.

This Pedulla Thunderbolt ET (Exotic Top) comes with a two piece swamp ash body, maple neck with bird's eye maple fingerboard plus a gorgeous cocobolo top. Gold hardware is used for contrast and add a touch of class to this bass.

This combination of woods produce a deep sond that has plenty of high end detail to it without ever becoming harsh.

Custom Bartolini pickups and electronics are used to capture the Thunderbolt's natural sound. The 2 band EQ offers enough sonic variation, but always keeping the The special "Thunderguts" circuit by Bartolini allows you to get extra punch at the flick of a switch.

This is one of these cases that prove that a bolt on bass is not a cheaper alternative to neck thru models. This construction method provides extra attack and definition, so you get a great vintage punch that you'd expect from a vintage Jazz Bass, but with the extra detail that Bartolini parts are famous for,

The standard 19mm string spacing at the bridge will make it comfortable if you are coming from 4 strings, and will let you use any technique you can think of.

The low B is as good as in any other Pedulla bass: loud and defined in the low notes, but also clear and true-pitched in the upper notes, even past the 12th fret. The fact that the bass has a standard scale length of 34" is quite surprising when you hear the loud lowest notes (no need for a 35" scale here), but we are again impressed by the great behaviour of the 5th string up and down the neck. When we asked Michael Pedulla at the NAMM show about the reason for this unusally great low B he just said; "it's my trademark". Congratulations.

Pedulla Thunderbolt ET5

Pedulla Thunderbolt ET5

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