In January 2008 we visited the Fender factories in Corona (California) and Ensenada (Mexico), to attend the NAMM show in L.A. Fender launched the updated American Series instruments at the NAMM show, and we are glad to say these are the best American Series guitars and basses ever.

A little bit of history:

In the mid 80's, the CBS owned Fender were producing just a handful of US made instruments, and most of the prodcution actually came from Japan. The quality of the overseas instruments usually surpassed American instruments. When CDB sold Fender to their workers, they made the decision to make great instruments again, just like in the old days. Soon the American Standard Series was born as the most affordable US made instrument with enough quality to bear the "Made in USA" logo with pride, aiming to become an American Icon once again.

Over the years Fender have made subtle changes on the American Series Instruments, and we are glad to see that the 2008 update packs lots of improvements in several departments:

- 30% lighter classical style tuners

- Richer and deeper neck tint for a more elegant appearance, a great-looking glossed maple or rosewood fingerboard and satin back for smooth playability

- Thinner finish undercoat that lets the body breathe and improves resonance

- New high-mass vintage bridge

- SKB molded case

Best of all, the price has almost not changed, so you get a much better bass for the same price. You can find a few of 2007's American Series basses at blowout prices here.

This PRECISION BASS is just great. It offers those classic P Bass tones from the 60's and 70's in an easy to play bass with perfect finish. The neck is big but not bulky. The split pickup is beefy and warm, perfect for rock with a pick, with enough definition for fingerstyle too. If you have tried several Precision Basses but still haven't found what you are looking for, you have to try this one. Amazing value for money in bass that you can use in a myriad of situations.

Fender produce some more expesive basses such as the Deluxe American Series (with some refinements and updates), the American Vintage Series (recreations of classic designs) and the amazing Custom Shop Instruments (top quality and attention to detail), but if you just need a powerful workhorse that will you give professional results for years to come, the American Series is for you. We are convinced these basses will become true calssics in a few years and will stand the test of time perfectly.

In this series there are Jazz and Precision Basses, 4 & 5 string, fretted and fretless, rosewood or maple boards, all of which will be at

Congratulations Fender for this great update of the American Series.

Fender American Precision Bass 08

Fender American Precision Bass 08

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