This Lakland Skyline 5502 Deluxe proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune to have it all: a great 5 string with a thunderous low B, great tone and versatility.

The neck is ultra comfortable, with a nice soft C profile at the first frets that gradually flattens as you move up the neck. Access to the 22th fret is excellent for a bolt on. String spacing is wide but not cumbersome. Hipshot Ultralight tuners help balance the bass nicely. Lakland’s own bridge allows you to anchor the strings in a traditional manner, but also through the body for maximum sustain.

Lakland have been using this pickup arrangement since the early 90’s and it is in fact one of the best we can think of: a single coil at the neck, plus a splittable humbucker at the bridge. Actually, the 3 way miniswitch lets you select the North or South coils in the humbucker as well as both in parallel. In fact, you can get (among others) sounds that closely resemble a Musicman, a Jazz Bass and even a modern Precision. All of them are there and if you take some time to tweak the controls, you will find more useable sounds.

From 2007 this model comes with the new Lakland pickups and electronics. According to Lakland's boss, Dan Lakin, this was the right time to introduce their own line of pickups and electronics and incorporate them into their basses. This allows Lakland to control the whole process and make sure they offer a trademark sound all of their own. The good news is that the new electronics are not radically different to the "old" Bartolini components, but take off from there, adding more punch, presence and "something else".

You can get this bass with a nice discout. There is a small blem in the body that does not affect the instrument in any way. We have highlighted this blem in the picture bellow.

The beautiful amber color really brings out the natural beauty of the quilted maple top.

Lakland Skyline 5502 Deluxe Amber

Lakland Skyline 5502 Deluxe Amber

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Lakland 5502 Ambar, defecto -
Lakland 5502 Ambar, defecto

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