Basskat, detras -
Basskat, detras

Jazzkat are a small American company dedicated to designing and building Jazz specific amps, with users such as John Pizzarell, Frank Vignola, etc.

Of course, they also produce a couple of bass models, like the Basskat you see here today.

When you hear this amp you won't believe such deep sound comes from this tiny and lightweight box (23 lbs). The amp section pumps out 110W through tthe dual cone full range 10" speaker. The smart side positioned bass reflex lets you use the amp standing or on its side, so you can adapt the low end response to march your instrument, pickup or venue.

The 2 channel design means you can plug a pickup in channel one and a mic on channel two, and then mix both signals to match you needs, and tweak them with separate volume and EQ controls.

The Digital effects section can be selected for either or both channels. The effects are clean and the range and depth is more than you could ask for.

In use, this amps proves to be excellent with double basses, delivering a natural woody sound (we recommend using The Realist pickup by David Gage, available at The slightly shy treble response actually means you don't get any of the tweeter harshness you hear in other amps (this is especially important if you have a Fishman pickup).

Of course, this is also an excellent amp for acoustic bass (no extra sizzle or left hand noise from bronze strings anymore) and even vintage sounding electric bass.



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