Here's a brand new Sadowsky Metro RV5 with VTC in Olympic White.

At a glance:

- 21 fret maple neck with rosewood. Soft C profile flattens towards the 12th fret for great upper position comfort

- Lightweight body (swamp ash)

- 2 Sadowsky humcancelling single coils positioned at the correct '60's location

- 2 Band Sadowsky preamp (boost only). Bypassable.

- VTC (Vintage Tone Control)

- Superb low B (lound and clear), especially for a 34" scale bass

- Tone to die for !!

This is not a bass with a spectacular sound that will impress you in the shop but will prove itself useless in real life situations. Instead, it offers a great classic Jazz Bass sound in passive mode (the only difference with the original is that the Sadowsky has humcancelling single coils), and a great meaty updated Jazz tone in active mode. The 2 band EQ (boost only) has enough range to get you into experimental landscapes, but if you are after that fat 70's Jazz Bass Sound (think Marcus), all you need is to boost the lows slightly and you will be in heaven.

From 2007 Sadowsky are offering their Metro series with the option of the VTC installed at the factory. We love the way this Passive Tone control sounds, so from now on, all our Metro basses will come with the VTC installed. This is a passive tone as found in a standard Jazz Bass, and cuts nicely the high end, providing more vintage sounds. You can now go from a traditional Jazz Bass sound to a monster slap sound just using the VTC and swtiching the active preamp on when you need more power.

If you are looking for a vintage axe but don't want to spend a fortune and end up with a heavy bass that might suffer from a warped neck or dead spots, look no further. Get a Sadowsky! It is a bass for a lifetime.

Sadowsky Metro RV5 O.W. w/ VTC

Sadowsky Metro RV5 O.W. w/ VTC

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