Here's an ultra affordable Warwick bass with all the essentials and a great price.

The body of the Corvette Standard consists of two or three pieces of swamp ash. With its shape, ergonomics and sound the Corvette Standard satisfies the aspirations of the most demanding of bass players.

The 2 MEC "Dynamic Correction" JJ pickups provide flexible tone control, whether in the studio or on stage. The highly sensitive dynamic response of the Corvette Standard lets you articulate the most gentle of nuances or slap it for crisp, fat basslines.


Swamp Ash body

Ovangkol neck

Adjustable Nut (Just-a-Nut III)

Separate tailpiece and bridge

MEC Jazz Bass type "Dynamic Correction" passive pickups

+ Extras:

Oil Finish

Active 2 band preamp

Warwick Corvette Standard OFC Activo

Warwick Corvette Standard OFC Activo

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