This Warwick Streamer FNA/Jazzman 5 is one of the best sellers in the Warwick catalogue. It sums the trademark Warwick natural wood finish, versatile elecronics and great sounds.


The MEC MM/J pickups really prove to be a killer set. The bridge humbucker can be split to Single Coil, and also can work in Series or Parallel himbicker modes, whcih coupled with the neck pickup and 3 band onbard active/passive EQ complete a really versatile bass that always sounds punchy, clear and growly.

The low B, as usual in Warwick basses, is great too.

Some specs:

Swamp Ash Body

Flamed maple top

Ovangkol Neck

Adjustable nut

2 piece tail/bridge unit

Con funda Rockbag Premium súper acolchada incluida.

Warwick Streamer FNA Jazzman 5

Warwick Streamer FNA Jazzman 5

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