This is a great affordable 5 string that is actually surprising for the price.

To start with, it has as more than decent low B, as good as that found in basses costing 2 and 3 times more.

The Neck Thru construction has the advantage of adding an important sustain, as well as allowing great access to the upper frets.

A set of passive EMG HZ pickups are used, and they effectively capture the sound of the bass with punch and definition. The onboard EMG circuit is of course the perfect match for those pickups.

No matter if you play the most aggressive metal, old school rock, pop, or if you are a die hard slapper. This bass delivers everything with authority.

The flamed maple top adds a touch of class, as well as the beautiful transparent red finish and the Cosmo Black hardware.

If you are looking for an affordable 5 string that actually sounds great, is fun to play and has an excellento low B, this LTD B-255FM is the perfect bass.

LTD B 255 FM

LTD B 255 FM

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