So far your only option if you wanted a Fender Relic instrument was a Custom Shop, which was beyond the possibilities of many customers. New new Road Worn series allows you to enjoy the look, feel and sound of reliced instruments without breaking your wallet. These basses have made quite an impact at the last NAMM show in the US.


Fender Road Worn 50’s Precision


The original was born in the ’50s and produced the sound of bass. On the road, the more you punished a Precision, the more it gave back—a virtually indestructible bass that took a beating and laughed while it asked for more, becoming even cooler-looking and more comfortable-feeling than when it was brand-new. Fender’s new Road Worn ’50s Precision Bass guitar delivers that aged look and feel—designed with 1950s specs, including a nitrocellulose-lacquer finish, and built to look, sound and feel like it’s got more than just a few miles on it.

“There’s something magical about a broken-in or worn instrument,” said Justin Norvell, director of marketing, Fender electric guitars. “Many of the musical icons we look up to for inspiration play road-hardened workhorse guitars, and there’s something very powerful and aspirational in that aesthetic. The new Fender Road Worn series guitars and basses allow players to experience not only the look, vibe and tone of those instruments, butperhaps most importantlythey have smooth worn-in necks providing the same comfortable feel as vintage instruments.”





Imagen-54.jpg Imagen-55.jpg

Fender Road Worn Precision Bass 50's

Body: Ash
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Maple
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: 20
Pickups: Vintage P Bass
Electronics: Passive
Controls: Volume + tone
Neck width at nut (mm): 44mm
Scale (inches): 34
We are sorry, this product is not part of our stock right now. If you want to order the same or a similar product please contact us and we'll be happy to help

Fender Road Worn Precision Bass 50's

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