SWR Spellbinder panel delantero -
SWR Spellbinder panel delantero
SWR Spellbinder panel trasero -
SWR Spellbinder panel trasero

Here's a brand new little combo loaded with tons of great features.

Most brands are coming with new small and powerful combos, but not all of them pay as much attention to details as this great little Spellbinder Blue combo from SWR. SWR believe that the heart of a good amp is the preamp, and we are happy to report that this combo shares the same circuitry as the amazing SWR Marcus Miller preamp.

Based on the original Baby Baby Blue, but with more power (160 very effective Watts), more fetaures and an improved preamp section, the Spellbinder Blue is called to become a calssic among double bass players, and also electric players looking for a mid powered amp that will perform great in rehearsals and clubs, and also in the studio. There's a switch at the back pannel to turn off the internal speaker, which shows how studio conscious the engineers at SWR were when they were designing the protoype.

It was actually at the prototype stage when Stantley Clarke tried the first units and asked SWR to include the Spellbinder Blue in the line of his Spellbinder boutique bass products.

The onboard tube preamp and adjustable compressor are studio quality. Other nice features are:

Combo XLR/1/4" jack input that accepts both signals from elecric bass, piezo double bass pickups and condenser microphones (there's a Phantom Power switch).

Tne new neodimium 10" speaker is not only lighter, but also performs better than most 10" speakers we've heard, with a full bodied sound that is hard to beleive.

Emminence Super Tweeter, the best in the SWR catalogue (w/level control).

Recessed tilt mechanism at the bottom for wedge position. Neat!

Just 12 Kg! Talk about feather light.

SWR Spellbinder Blue

SWR Spellbinder Blue

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