Ned Steinberger needs no introduction. Having created some of the most innovative instruments in the last 30 years, he has deserved a reputation as one of the best instrument designer in modern times.

After selling his own Steinberger company, he started NSDesign with the idea of creating a classical string quartet that would be based on the original instruments but taking them one step farther.

Rather than working on making instruments that would mimic the originals in terms of playability, Ned decided to create new instruments that would allow the player new and exciting ways to play and amplify them.

The CR5M has a standard ¾ scale and a really nice ebony board.

Perhaps the most striking and unexpected innovation is that there is no neck joint. This automatically allows any player to play any note right to the end of the fingerboard.

The special D’addario strings and dot position markers all make for an instrument that is easy to play and inviting.

The included tripod stand allows the bass to stand on its own rather than having to use your left hand and leg as supports.

Of course the electronics are very well thought: the EMG magnetic pickups produce a sweet fretless sound and can be blended with the piezo pickups in the bridge.

Piezo mode actually consists of two different positions: pizz for a solid all round sound with a nice sustain to it, and arco, for the best bowed sound in the market. Blending pizz & arco 50/50 produces a sound that is rich in mids and has a shorter sustain, so you would be using this more than anything in a band situation (this sound is the closest you get to an amplified double bass).

The phenomenal "fretless electric bass" tone comes from the fact that the thick maple neck extends up to the bridge, and comes with a solid ebony board.

I just cannot say enough good things about this instrument. If you have never played double bass, this is a good chance to start on a top quality instrument that will simply put things easier for you.

If you are an experienced double bass player, we encourage you to come with an open mind.

It is easy to adjust the bridge for a lower or higher action to suit your needs. If you are a die hard player you might prefer to use regular strings. There is even a “Traditional” model with a small piece at the neck joint as a familiar reference.

Also you get the option of ordering an End Pin

NSDesign CR5M

Body: Arce
Top: Arce flameado
Neck: Arce
Fingerboard: Ébano Macassar
Construction: Neck Thru
Frets: 2 Octavas
Pickups: Piezo POLAR NS + pastillas magnéticas EMG
Electronics: Activa: NS Design
Controls: Volumen, Balance Magnéticas/Piezo, Graves, Agudos, Interruptor Arco/Pizzicato/Mezcla
Scale (inches): 41,73" (106 cm, escala 3/4)
More: Soporte superior y funda
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