Aria is one of the first brands to feature with several EUB (Elecric Upright Bass) in their catalogue, and have been building these type of instruments for more than 15 years.

Aria's approach is to provide an instrument that resembles the touch and feel of a real doghouse as much as possible, so here you'll find the telescopic endpin, body reference removable frame and 3/4 scale (105mm).

The SWB-Lite BIS is the top of the line in this series of slim shaped Aria EUB's, and features not just the Fishnman MIS-CEL piezo bridge with Volume, Bass and Treble controls, but also the BIS magnetic system with 4 individual pickups at the end of the fingerboard, with its own Volume control. The piezo system provides definition while the magnetics add depth and warmth- The magnetics are great at picking up the fingerboard noise when slapping.

The adjustable bridge allows you to set up your favourite string height depending on the sound you are looking for or if you like to really dig in. What's more, an adjustable truss rod makes it popssible to get the correct concave curve in the fingerboard for low action at the first positions with no fingerboard buzz.

You can use any standard double bass strings on this bass.

Aria SWB-lite BIS

Aria SWB-lite BIS

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