• TC Electronic BG250

One of the highlights of the 2012 Frankfurt Musikmesse. Apart from being a really afordable and excellent sounding lightweight bass combo, it comes with some really cool features like the EQ acts over differerent frequencies depending if you are boosting or cutting: BASS at 80Hz/100Hz, MIDS at 500Hz/800Hz & TREBLE at 1800Hz/3150Hz. Great! But there's more: this is the first TC amp to include the Tone Print technology, meaning you can download any TC Electronic Tone print effect for free and the amp will store it until you decide you need a new effect. What's more, you can donwload the effects using a USB cable BUT also using the amazing iBeam technology with a smartphone.

TC Electronic BG250

Power: 250W
Speakers: 1x15" Custom + Tweeter
Preamp: Solid State
Power Amp: Class D
EQ: 3 Band. Boost and Cuts over different frequencies
Other controls: Tube Drive, Tone Print
DI: Yes, Balanced
Other connectors: USB, Aux In, Headphone output
Weight: 15kg, 34.8 lbs
Ext Speaker output: No
More: Built in Tuner
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TC Electronic BG250