We admit it: we have a soft spot for fretless Marleaux basses, and this gorgeous 6 string bass is the proof. The Fretless Edition is not just a standard bass that has been built with a fretless fingerboard. There are many aspects in this bass that have been designed from the ground up to make it a perfect fretless, such as strategic routings at the end of the neck, a Bolt-thru construction that extends the neck up to the front pickup, blending perfect attack and sustain. We chose Delano Quad Coil pickups for their great tone and asked Gerald Marleaux to install Single/Parallel/Series switches (one per pickup), making it really versatile. The bridge pickup alone is able to produce some of the best fretless tones we've heard lately. There's lots of growl and vibratos are really easy to play. It really invited you to play more and more. Marleaux' custom 3 band preamp is still among the best in the world, with ultra musical EQ and amazingly quiet operation. If you boost the Treble to the max (for a great string effect a la Michael Manring) there's no noise at all from the tweeter in your amp. If you cut the Treble, it sounds like a passive tone rolled off. Neat! The ebony fingerboard has only side dots & lines (the player sees it as a fretted bass), and then there are tiny lines on the treble side too. Perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Optional Flight case

Marleaux Fretless Edition 6 Custom

Body: Switenia mahogany
Top: Quilted pearl
Neck: 5 piece maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: 24 (fretess)
Pickups: Delano Quad Coil x2
Electronics: Active-Passive: Marleaux
Controls: Volume, Balance, 3 band EQ, Active-Passive switch, Series-Single-Parallel switch x2
String spacing at the bridge (mm): 18mm
Scale (inches): 34"
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Marleaux Fretless Edition 6 Custom