This is a professional double bass/acoustic bass amp that also sounds wonderful with electric. It features two channels so you can use a pickup and mic on your double bass or acoustic with total control over the two separate signals. Comprehensive EQ and SWR's trademark Bass Intensifier circuit. Two front loaded 8" and a rear firing 5" produce a surprisingly deep and clear tone, and the tweeter adds the right amount of detail.  Natural sound from this combo that features a retractable handle and casters to move it like a breeze. Very special price (just 1 unit).  

Please note: items included in the Outlet section might show some minor wear and tear sings from being in our exhibition for a while. These are just cosmetic issues. The performance of the item is not affected by this at all.

SWR Natural Blonde

Power: 200W
Speakers: 2x8
Preamp: Solid State
EQ: 3 band with sweepable mids
Other controls: Compressor. Bass Intensifier
DI: Yes, Balanced XLR
Voltage: 220 Volts
Weight: 23kg/50lbs
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SWR Natural Blonde