New bass from Basque luthier Imanol Egilegor from Okamika, Vizcaya.

Every new bass we get from this luthier is better than previous ones, and we love to see that evolution.

This model is the Biadar (double cutaway) 5-34 (5 string, 34 inch).  It is a really lightweight bass (sólo 3,4kg) and it sports just one humbucker pickup that sounds just great. You get the choice of Single or Humbucker operation and in that case you can select Series or Parallel operation. The active-passive preamp completes a nice sound palette.

The assymetrical neck is really nice to play. It is thiker under the lower strings beaning you get a good grasp of the neck in the usual playing position, but then if you take a solo and gravitate towards the upper strings, the thinner neck makes it a joy to play.

Egilegor Biadar 5-34

Egilegor Biadar 5-34