• TecAmp Pleasure Board S

Bass players using In-Ear systems on stage suffer from lacking punch and sub frequencies which prevent them from controlling their playing. How do I sound out there? Am I always tight with the drummer? I can’t hear myself! Most of you might be familiar with this …The Pleasure Board is the ideal subwoofer floor for stages, studio, rehearsal room or even bedroom. Two LFA2 (low frequency ass kick) transducers moving the bass into your body. A great experience many professional bass players are not willing to do without any longer. Feeling your instrument and what you play has never been as intense before. The additional phones out and the vibration-proof suspension of the base plate let you rehearse at home late at night without bothering your neighbours.

You can power the Pleasure Board by a regular bass amp, either as a stand-alone subwoofer or as an addition to your existing cabinet. The TecAmp Bonafide head with its special design Stereo amp design lets you connect one of the output channels of the amp to the Pleasure Board (in that case using the bi-amp switch for better performance) letting the other power your standard 2x10" or 4x10" cab with separate volume controls. Neat!

This is the S version of the Pleasure Board and measures 80x60cm. There's an M version (80x80) and L (120x80).



TecAmp Pleasure Board S

Speakers: LFA2 (Low Frequency Ass Kick) x2
Power handling: 600W R.M.S
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Weight: 12.5kg/27.6 lbs
Other: Headphone output
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TecAmp Pleasure Board S