• TecAmp L410 Classic

This is a powerful  and versatile cabinet that's also extremely ight and easy to move around thanks to its lightweight construction and ceramic speakers.

The Tweeter Switching System allows you to tailor the high end response of your bass to suit your needs. This makes it far more versatile than any other cab in the market.
These are the positions that this smart system offers.


- Soft Attack: Low, Mid, High

- Hard Attack: Mid, High

There are plenty of 4x10" cabs in the market, but we dare you to compare the L410 against any other. It wins in every department.

TecAmp L410 Classic

Speakers: 4x ceramic 10" drivers + tweeter
Power handling: 1200W R.M.S
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Frequency response: 35-19.000 Hz
Sensitivity: 102dB
Porting: Yes, front
Tweeter control: Yes, Tweeter Switching System
Weight: 30kg/66.14lbs
Other: Ceramic speakers
Country of origin: Germany
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TecAmp L410 Classic