This bass preamp in pedal format is a true Swiss Army. It is an excellent DI with one of the best clean signals we've heard through a balanced XLR output. But of course there's more. Use the Blend pot to dial in as much as you want of that great Ampeg SVT tone, and then add some EQ and even overdrive with the Drive control.

It works great with a flat sounding clean amp. Just switch it on and you'll get that trademark SVT sound. It is also impressive in the studio. You can get a really convincing tube amp type of sound without the need ot a tube amp.

Compared to the more classic Bass Driver DI, this VT BASS DI adds the Character control to get you into a deep and powerful distortion in the style of Crimson and King's X. The Bite switch adds Presence and a subsonic filter.

Sure, there are lots of similar devices out there, but we still have to hear one that sounds better than this one.

Tech 21 Sans Amp Character VT Bass-DI

Tubes: No
EQ: Yes 3 band
Other features: SVT emulation. Can be blended with the original signal
DI: Yes, Balanced with -20dB pad switch. Also unbalanced with -10dB pad and Parallel output for the amp
Other: Speaker emulation (switchable), Bite Switch for more attack
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Tech 21 Sans Amp Character VT Bass-DI