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This is a Imperial model, and it is as well the signature model for the amazing player Matt Garrison, son of Jimmy Garrison (John Coltrane's bassplayer) and it proves how far the guys from Fodera have gone when it comes to developing a highly specialized instrument.

When a bassplayer such as Matt Garrison needs a custom instrument not many luthers are able to deliver what he actually needs. In this case it was obvious it had to be Fodera.

The Imperial model uses Fodera's trademark (and much copied) Singlecut shape and approach. The idea behind this model is to offer the best in ergonomics and sustain while at the same time allowing for unrestricted access up to the last fret. The way Fodera make this is just perfect, and this is not always the case with other brands trying to copy this concept.

The particular Imperial Matt Garrison model boasts some particular specs such as:

- 33" scale

- EADGC tuning

- 26 thin frets

- Modified lower horn for better access up the 26th fret as well as allowing for more comfort when playing seated.

- Ash neck

- Removable ramp between the pickup to control dynamics, prevent from "digging in" and making easier the use of 3-4 finger techniquee.

- Hipshot D Tuner (tobring the low E down to D and more)

Obviously all these specs make for a highly specialist bass, but the good news is that the use of splittable Duncan pickups and 3 band Mike Pope Preamp with selectable Mid Freq switch and Passive Tone allow for a myriad of wolrd class bass tones. You can go from a great J Bass tone (seriously) to a deep earth shaking sound or a modern and percussive tone in a second.

Playing chords on this bass is an absolute joy as well as fast runs, lines and arpeggios. Then just play a simple grrove with long notes and prepare to be amazed. This bass does it all, and it does it beautifully. Your imagination is the only limit here.


We always say that a better bass won't make you a better player in 5 minutes, but actually when you own a bass that's so easy to play, rewarding and inspiring, you end up practicing more than ever, and that really makes you a better player.

Pricewise a Fodera is always quite an investment but let us share our thougths about this: these are the best basses in the world. Nobody makes them better, and they've been perfecting them over the last 30 years. No experiments or mistakes here. Just think of much you've spent on mid range basses over last years and be honest to yourself: did you own a bass that was really inspiring and made you a better player? Buy a Fodera, stop wasting money and start enjoying and impriving from the first day.

Every Fodera model is different. Which one os for you? We strongly recommend you visit us and test our stock of Fodera basses. This will allow you to discover YOUR Fodera bass. If visiting us is not an option, we'll be more than happy to assist you over the phone or via email. We can send detailed pictures and really get in depth about basstalk. We are specialist!

Fodera Flame Redwood Imperial MG5 Elite

Body: Walnut
Top: Flamed Redwood
Neck: 3 piece Ash
Fingerboard: Bird's eye maple
Construction: Neck Thru
Frets: 26 (small)
Pickups: Fodera-Duncan Dual Coil x2
Electronics: Active-Passive Mike Pope
Controls: Volume, Balance, Tone. 3 band EQ. Active-Passive Switch, Dual-Single Switch, Mid freq switch
Weight: 4.35kg
Neck width at nut (mm): 48
String spacing at the bridge (mm): 16.5
Scale (inches): 33
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Fodera Flame Redwood Imperial MG5 Elite