• Leduc Utopia U-Bass 6 Fretless (used)
  • Leduc Utopia U-Bass 6 Fretless (used)

This is a 100% handmade bass by thegreat French luthier Cristophe Leduc.

The idea behind the U-Bass was to produce the perfect hybrid bass that would deliver trye double bass and electric sounds. The solid floating cedar top and wooden bridge plus clever electronics have made it possible.

The electric part uses a handwound Leduc Singlecoil pickup with rosewood cover.  For the acoustic part, two piezo pickups are embedded intro the special wooden bridge.

This bass sports a special selection of the best woods: 100 year old Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, top grade brid's eye maple neck, floating cedar top and then a lightweight alder body that has been hollowed out. The combination of a lightweight body and 6 string neck shouts "head diving", so Leduc chose a headless design that effectively takes care of this. The neck itself is wide and really flat, making it really comfortable to play. Side lines and dots make playing in tune easy.

Sound: the electic part sounds full and detailed, with all the harmonic content that only a Single Coil is capable of. The acoustic part is remarkable. This is easily the closest we've ever heard to a double bass on an electric.

Front controls are kept down to a minimum with just Volume and Balance via two special pots between the cedar top and the side of the body. The rear part shows more controls that are accessed using a small screwdriver, the idea being set them and forget about them. You get extended Balance controls, EQ, Humcancelling and more.

This particular bass was made by Christophe Leduc for himself so he used only the absolutely best tonewoods. Later on he decided to sell it so here's your chance to buy a great bass that also happens to be a little bit of bass history.

This is a used bass with  just some dings but in perfectly working order. Comes with custom flightcase.


Leduc Utopia U-Bass 6 Fretless (used)

Leduc Utopia U-Bass 6 Fretless

Body: Alder
Top: Solid Cedar
Neck: Top grade bird's eye maple
Fingerboard: 100 year old Brazilian rosewood
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: 24 (fretless)
Pickups: Leduc Singlecoil + dual piezo
Electronics: Active Bartolini
Controls: Front: Volume and Balance Rear: Pickup Volume x2, Piezo Volume x2, Bass, Treble, Hum canceller
Scale (inches): 34
More: Inclused custom flightcase
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Leduc Utopia U-Bass 6 Fretless (used)