• Vanderkley Amplification Aurora
  • Vanderkley Amplification Aurora

Vanderkley Amplification is a small company in the Netherlands, which specializes in designing and building high-end amplifiers and loudspeaker cabinets for bass players. When Vanderkley Amplification was officially founded in 2005, the main goal was and still is,  to produce high quality, superb sounding bass amplification systems and provide excellent service.

The man behind this top notch amplification brand is Marc Vanderkley and he is committed to producing the absolutely best amps available anywhere.

Here are some words from Marc himself:

When I set out to design my dream bass amplifier, I had in my head a list of areas where other amps had fallen short of my wishes over the years. My new bass amp was designed from the outset to overcome these shortfalls. The sound would have to be ultra clear and highly detailed, yet at the same time powerful and warm. I always wanted a bass amp that would convey every detail of the character of the instrument and every nuance of the players style with unlimited headroom and dynamics, without obscuring anything or adding a sound of its own. Furthermore, the amp had to maintain these characteristics at any volume and in any circumstance. And of course, the amp should be reliable, easy to use, solidly built and look great.

The end product of a long development and test phase is the Aurora high performance bass amplifier. The Aurora is the perfect match for my Neolite bass cabinets, which offer effortless power handling and are able to very clearly project the entire delivered range of frequencies from the amp. A key feature of the Aurora is its ability to run at 2-Ohms. This allows the user to connect two 4-Ohm or four 8-Ohm cabinets to cover larger venues or stages. With this feature, and with my other design elements, the Aurora becomes a very powerful, capable bass amplifier in an extremely portable package.

About CVD:

CVD stands for Continuous Variable Damping. The CVD circuit allows you to control the damping factor of the amplifier, which in turn influences the electrical damping of the connected loudspeakers. Usually the damping factor is a fixed parameter on any amplifier and can't be adjusted. Besides the amplifiers active Eq, the damping factor has a significant effect on your sound. This is why I have designed this circuit with which, you can raise or lower the damping factor of the Aurora and set it to your personal taste and circumstances.

With a high damping factor, turn counter clockwise, the loudspeaker will follow the amps signal exactly resulting in a very tight, clear and uncolored sound. A low damping factor, turn clockwise, will let the speaker resonate more freely and the sound will become colored, woolly and less detailed.

To sum up, a High End Bass amplifier (one of the best we've ever tried) that is powerful, precise, reliable and also portable.

Vanderkley Amplification Aurora

Power: 440W @ 8Ω 700W @ 4Ω 1200W @ 2Ω
Min Impedance: 2 Ohms
Preamp: Solid State (high end Audio op-amps)
Power amp: High-end OEM class D power-amp with switch-mode power supply
EQ: 5 band
Other controls: CVD (Continuous Variable Damping)
DI: Transformer Balanced DI out, Pre/post Eq, Ground lift
Other connections: Aux In, Send-Return, Tuner Out
Weight: 5kg
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Vanderkley Amplification Aurora