• Krivo magnetic pickup

If you play double bass in a loud band, you will have suffered from feedback problems on many occasions, right?

Adding a magnetic pickup at the end of the fingerboard is a neat solution. This one is handmade in the US by Krivo Pickups and we just signed a distribution agreement with them for Spain.

It attaches to the end of the fingerboard easily using two sided velcro. It can be removed from the bass easily and reattached again in seconds (just leave the velcro part at the end of the fingerboard). If you decide to remove it completely in the future, this will leave no marks at all.

Neodymium magnets are used for maximum output in a lightweight package. Polepieces are individually adjustable so you can easily dian in the perfect string to string balance in seconds. Cool!

The sound is of course more "electric" than a good piezo + preamp, but the good news is that feedback is not an issue here at all. After all, when you use a piezo you have to use dramatic EQ in order to avoid feedback and in that case the sound is not natural anymore.

You can also blend your piezo with this magnetic using an external blender (Radial PZ-Pre, for instance) and get the best of both worlds: set your piezo level unitl it starts to feedback and then add the magnetic. It really works. Electric bass effects work beautifully with the Krivo pickup. Even overdrive sounds cool and won't feedback. How cool is that?

If you use it on its own, you can use just any regular electric bass amp in the market. No need for a special ultra Hi Z input or double bass specific amp.

Krivo magnetic pickup

Availability: green

Type: Neodimium magnet magnetic pickup for double bass
Permanent installation: No. Double sided velcro is used to attach it to the end of the fingerboard
Needs preamp: No
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Krivo magnetic pickup