• EBS Session 60 combo

Nice little combo amp from EBS. Powerful enough for home use as well as rehearsals or acoustic gigs. Very good sound. Simple to use.

Comes with EBS's trademark Character and Enchance Filters to make it easy for you to dial in your favourite bass sound. A very handy Stereo Aux input with its own Volume control is included for rehearsal or playing along some backing tracks. Cool.

EBS Session 60 combo

Power: 60W
Speakers: 10" + Tweeter
Preamp: Solid State
Power Amp: Solid State
EQ: 2 band
Other controls: Gain, Character, Enhance
DI: XLR Balanced with ground lift switch
Other connectors: Volume controlled Stero Aux input
Voltage: 220 VOLTS
Weight: 16kg
Ext Speaker output: No
Frequency response: 60 Hz-18kHz
Country of origin: Designed in Sweden, built in China
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EBS Session 60 combo