We add this great US brand to our stock of amps. Acoustic Image have been making tarnsparent amps for acoustic instruments for quite some years now and this are actually their 4th generation of amps and we are thrilled to see they are the best ever.

Small and lightweight are two words that come immediately to mind when you say Acoustic Image. That's one of the reasons why thousands of upright bass players in the world use them. It sounds just as good for upright or electric bass.  In this new series of amps the preamps have been improved with even better sound, more features. Also there's more power from the amp section and the cabinets are far more efficient. To sum up: they are better than ever.

This is  the Coda EX cabinet and it features a 10" downfiring speaker (for improved low end) and a 5" frontfiring speaker for midrange and high frequencies.

It is ultralightweight and it sounds just great. If you are looking for the ultimate small and portable cabinet, this is it.

We have to say we are really impressed by the quality of this product. Get one and we warrany you'l put a smile in your face when you use it.



Acoustic Image Coda Cabinet

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Speakers: 10" + 5"
Power handling: 300W RMS
Impedance: 8 Ohm
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725,00 €

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Acoustic Image Coda Cabinet