We add this great US brand to our stock of amps. Acoustic Image have been making tarnsparent amps for acoustic instruments for quite some years now and this are actually their 4th generation of amps and we are thrilled to see they are the best ever.

Small and lightweight are two words that come immediately to mind when you say Acoustic Image. That's one of the reasons why thousands of upright bass players in the world use them. It sounds just as good for upright or electric bass.  In this new series of amps the preamps have been improved with even better sound, more features. Also there's more power from the amp section and the cabinets are far more efficient. To sum up: they are better than ever.

This is  the Ten 2 Combo model and it features two channels, 650W power section and probably the smallest 2x10" cab ever made (one 10" is firing downwards, the other forward firing). It weighs in at a mere 32lbs.

There's enough power in this amp to get you covered in just about any situation. The preamp section is really comprehensive: you get 4 band EQ, Phase reverse and adjustable low cut in both channels as well as FX send (24 bit Reverb and Delay with Level and Rate controls). There's also Mono and Stereo outputs for you to choose, individual FX loop for each channel, Mute, Limiter, etc. Both cannels offer 48Volt for condenser mics or external preamps.

Two channels allow you to use a pickup and a microphone at the same time. You can also use a piezo and a magnetic or use one channel for upright and the other for electric bass. The possibilities are endless..

We have to say we are really impressed by the quality of this product. Get one and we warrany you'l put a smile in your face when you use it.



Acoustic Image Ten 2 EX Combo

Power: 650W RMS at 4 Ohms
Speakers: 2x10" + 2.5" tweeter
Preamp: Solid State, Dual Channel
Power Amp: Class D
EQ: 4 bandas + Low Pass + Phase for each channel
Other controls: Internal FX send, Input Pad, Phantom Power
DI: Yes, Mono (blends both cnahhels) or Stereo (split)
Weight: 32lbs/15kg
Country of origin: USA
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Acoustic Image Ten 2 EX Combo