• Warwick Triumph Upright 5 Nirvana Black
  • Warwick Triumph Upright 5 Nirvana Black

The German brand Framus released their Triumph electric Upright back in 1953 in order to make life easier for double bass players. Apart from making storage and transportation a breeze, this model also allowed the players to be heard thanks to the built in pickups.


When Warwick's founder Hans Peter Wilfer (son of the man who made Framus instruments) decided to bring to life some Framus models he did not forget about the Triumph bass so this is Warwick's update on that classic.

Excellent tonewoods have been used to build this bass (flamed maple for body and neck as well as an excellent piece of ebony for the fingerboard). The maple bridge has a built in piezo pickup that sounds huge. There's a magnetic pickup too at the end of the fingerbard which produces a more electric/fretless type of sound. The onboard electronics are simple but effective: Volume, Balance (Piezo/Mag) and Tone.

The lightweight stand can be used to rest the instrument at home but you can also play it when the instrument is in it. Of course you can also play it ergularly by adjusting the endpin to taste. The clever extension perfecly mimics the upper bout on an acoustic bass.

This particular bass comes with a thunderous low B but it could also be strung with a High C and let you explore quasi cello sounds and textures. Cool.

Warwick Triumph Upright 5 Nirvana Black

Shape: Electric Upright
Top: AAA Flamed Maple
Back and sides: AAA Flamed Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Adjustable with piezo piickups
Scale: 3/4
Lenght of vibrating string: 42"
Accessories: Stand
Other: Magnetic + Piezo pickups. Piezo and magnetic pickups Volume, Balance, Tone
Machineheads: Individual

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Warwick Triumph Upright 5 Nirvana Black