Electro-Harmonix has never been constrained by what people think a stompbox should do. Take the Freeze Sound Retainer. Simply put, the Freeze sustains any note or chord you play—a little like an eBow, a piano’s sustain pedal, or even a looper, yet not quite like any of those. The Freeze is designed to capture a moment of your playing with a tap of your foot and extend it indefinitely. With one 3-position switch and one knob, the Freeze is dead simple to operate, but the sonic possibilities are more than you might expect.

While this sound-retaining effect is amazingly innovative, Electro-Harmonix first developed the technology for their HOG guitar-synth pedal. Specifically, the Freeze is derived from the HOG’s Freeze Gliss function.

A Cool Breeze
The Freeze is an intuitive, what-you-see-is-what-you-get unit. For starters, there’s a 3-position switch for selecting Fast, Slow, or Latch mode. In Fast mode, the Freeze will begin sustaining your signal the moment the footswitch is pressed and hold that sound until the footswitch is released. In Slow mode, the captured signal fades in gradually and then sustains until you release the footswitch, at which time it slowly fades to silence. Following a simple process described in the manual, you set the length of this fade by selecting one of three preset durations.

In Latch mode, the captured sound sustains even when the footswitch is released, allowing you to capture and sustain additional sounds. A double-tap on the footswitch kills the effect. This mode is particularly useful for creating seamless and sustained chord progressions.

The pedal’s last control, the Effect Level knob, sets the volume of the sustained signal. While most Electro-Harmonix pedals are true bypass, the Freeze’s circuitry requires a high-quality buffered bypass. And unlike most compact stompboxes, the Freeze does not offer the option of 9-volt operation—it’s power supply or nothing.

Electro Harmonix Freeze

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Electro Harmonix Freeze