NOTE: This pedal requires an external power supply (not included) to operate. Please call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for more information.

With its diminutive size and LED-illuminated VOLUME knob, the Hotone Skyline Tuner guitar pedal is quite the conversation piece - in fact, the guitarists here at Sweetwater can't stop talking about it! Featuring fast pitch detection and a bright display, the Skyline Tuner does its job well. This handy device can also control your output volume when active (up to a 12dB boost), so you can use the Hotone Skyline Tuner guitar pedal as a mute box or clean boost pedal! 

The Hotone Skyline Tuner Guitar Pedal at a Glance:

  • The Hotone Skyline Series - tiny and stylish
  • Hotone - design inspiration

The Hotone Skyline Series - tiny and stylish

Less than two inches high, less than three inches long, and weighing in at less than 7 ounces, the Hotone Skyline Series of stompboxes offers a compact design, rugged build, and flexible tone. Encompassing a variety of effects including a looper, tuner, delay, octaver, tremolo, various overdrive and distortion effects, and more, all Skyline pedals have a durable zinc alloy outer cover, a transparent top knob that is lit up by two LED lights, and two other knobs that glow in the dark. Each pedal also has a button that gives you more tonal options. These pedals also have a metal bar to prevent you from accidentally moving the knobs with your foot when stomping on the footswitch. The Hotone Skyline Series delivers massive sound in a microscopic package!

Hotone - design inspiration

According to Hotone, their slogan is "Design Inspiration." The company strives to create products that are centered around what is, what isn't, and what can be made possible. Hotone endeavors to create products that the music world has always wanted but never before imagined possible. Hotone states that it's one of their core values to challenge the limits of design. Hotone's products are rugged, portable, and don't compromise on tone.

Hotone Skyline Tuner

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Hotone Skyline Tuner