• Fodera Emperor Standard Special 5 Walnut Hollowbody Limited Edition Doctorbass 2020
  • Fodera Emperor Standard Special 5 Walnut Hollowbody Limited Edition Doctorbass 2020

Exclusive distriubution for Spain

VIDEO: This video was made using this exact bass. We've been lucky enough to have Fodera's own Mike Bendy record it for us. Please use headphones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HovJQCM5WAM

This incredible bass comes directly from the Fodera shop in Brooklyn, New York.

Fodera guitars need no introduction. They've been leading the high end bass market ever since Vinnie Fodera and Joey Lauricella joined forces back in 1983. Many of today's accepted features on modern basses such as the singlecut design, the ramp, etc. were first pioneered by them. All kinds of players (professional and aficionados) who have chosen a Fodera bass never looked back. If you choose the right model for you, this could be the only bass you need for years to come, we warranty.

All Fodera basses are simply amazing instruments but what's even more incredible is that this small team of craftsmen have developed a number or really different instruments where the quality is just second to none. The sound and feel is completely different from one model to another so the question here is just to get the right one for you.

Fodera have worked closely with the best players in the world ever since they started back in 1983. This 35+ years of experience listening to very specific requests from top players has made Fodera basses what they are today: instruments that come out of the shop without any issues regarding ergonomics, playability or sound. We can warranty this is absolutely true. When you buy a Fodera bass you are also buying the vast amount of experience and expertise that they have gathered over the years from listening to what professional players needed on the stage and in the studio.


This model is called Emperor Standard Special 5 Walnut Hollowbody Limited Edition Doctorbass 2020. Sure, it is a long name but don't worry, we'll get to that.

The Emperor model is probably the most versatile Fodera model and it is also cosidered the "working bassist instrument". It is the model of choice by Fodera's own Joey Lauricella. The offset body is really comfortable and the two horns have been strategically designed for the best playing experience. The top one falls over the 12th fret for a perfect balance while the lower one gives you unrestricted access up to the 24th fret as well and it also acts as an excellent rest when you play seated without a strap. Fodera are firm believers that in order to achieve the best experience, ergonomics are paramount. Actually their goal has always been to build basses that you can forget about and let you concentrate on the music. We can assure that's always the case with Fodera basses although it is not easy to forget about the instrument because each of them is so beautiful that it's a work of art.

This is a Standard Series Fodera bass. This series is made by the same people at the same place than the rest of Fodera basses are made. Instead of being custom made to order, these are closed spec instruments, meaning Fodera will build them in batches, optimizing the use of tools and materials. The result is a full featured Fodera bass that has a lower price tag and usually a shorter build up time.
In this case this is a Standard Special instrument and this means that some special specs have been added to the basic model, making it much more special. In this case  a special top was chosen: figured walnut.

2020 marks the 15th Anniversary of Doctorbass.net so we have ordered a number of special bases to celebrate it. This is one of them. Sitting with the Fodera team to design a number of Limited Edition Basses for Doctorbass.net was a real treat. We were really excited that we could have some input in the design of these instruments.


These are the special specs that we chose for this bass:

- One piece extra lightweight swamp ash body

- Semihollow body to reduce the weigth and add resonance

- Handpicked figured walnut top (we chose this one among many others)

- Bird's eye fingerboard

- Vinnie Fodera and Joey Lauricella's signature at the back of the headstock

- Black hardware

- Two nuts: one for EDAGC tuning (as shipped from the factory) and one for BEADG (by using the right strings for that)

The swamp ash body and bolt on maple neck is a perfect platform for a very clear and deep sound. The beautiful bird's eye fingerboard is a joy to play and it adds extra clarity to every single note.

We simply love these Fodera/Duncan custom pickups. In Single Coil Mode they really sound and behave as Singles because they are. We have tested a lot of basses with splittable humbuckers where the Single Coil sound was not so good. These are simply impressive. Of course the humbucker mode is also really nice, adding an extra modern character to the sound. The bridge unit has the right amount of midrange that makes it perfect for soloing. The neck pickup is as warm and woody as it gets. Blending both pickups yields an incredibly full sound with just the right amount of bite and detail.

Of course, the Mike Pope Standard Preamp is the perfect match for these pickups. All 3 bands do what they are meant to do in a very musical manner. You get deep yet clear lows, incredibly detailed midrange and smooth highs. We love the fact that the Passive Tone works both in Passive and Active modes. This preamp works at 18 Volts so there's extra headroom in case you need to boost the lows and really dig in when playing. A clean sound is warrantied at all times because of this feature. cool.

The whole bass feels and plays like a dream and we can't stress that enough.

The perfect fretjob and special Fodera bridge mean you can get an incredibly low action with no fretbuzz. This means you can use just about any technique on this bass effortlessly. If you've ever attempted to play a particularly demanding technique on your bass and have quit because it was too hard, just try that on a Fodera bass and you'll be surprised at how much easier it is to play. This is a real game changer.

The neck feels just incredible under your fingers. The 19mm string spacing at the bridge makes it really easy to play any technique and if you are coming from a 4 string tthe switch is much easier thanks to that spacing. We love the 47mm nut too.
The traditional 34" scale also feels ultra comfortable. Coupled with the great design of the instrument, this gives an instant familiar feel when you play this bass. Actually it feels just as if you had been playing it for years. No need to strech your arm to reach notes that are far away as on some othert basses. In this bass everything is within reach. Again, the whole idea is that you forget about the instrument when you are playing so you can concentrate on the music. The only time you'll be really conscious about the bass is when you pull it out of its case and see again how beautiful it is :-)

As you would expect, the low B behaves just great. It is loud and clear and matches the rest of the strings perfect.

This could well be the only bass you need so just book a visit in our store and come to test it or order it through our online shop and your end for the perfect bass will have ended.

Fodera Emperor Standard Special 5 Walnut Hollowbody Limited Edition Doctorbass 2020

Body: Handselected 1 piece extra lightweight swamp ash. Semi hollow
Top: Figured maple
Neck: 3 piece hardrock maple
Fingerboard: Bird's eye maple
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: 24
Pickups: Fodera-Duncan Dual coil x2
Electronics: Mike Pope Standard Preamp, Active-Passive
Controls: Volume, Tone, Balance, 3 band EQ, Active-passive switch, SingleCoil-Humbucker switch
Weight: 3.95kg
Neck width at nut (mm): 47
String spacing at the bridge (mm): 19
Scale (inches): 34
More: Fodera hardcase included
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Fodera Emperor Standard Special 5 Walnut Hollowbody Limited Edition Doctorbass 2020