• JCR Custom RBX5 Purpleheart
  • JCR Custom RBX5 Purpleheart

This instrument was born as a Yamaha RBX5 Fretless bass in the 90's but the great luthier JCR (Jaime Catalá Redondo) made a lot of major improvements on it.

The old rosewood fretless fingerboard has been replaced by a beautiful piece of first grade ebony and 22 frets have been perfectly installed and crowned. Also there's a new hybrid graphite-bronze nut that improves intonation and sound.

un diapasón de ébano de primera al cual se le han puesto 22 trastes perfectamente cortados. Se ha instalado una cejuela nueva híbrida de grafito y bronce.

As you can see, it now has a gorgeous purpleheart top as well as a matching ramp (this can be removed easily in case you prefer not to use it as well as to access the truss rod)

Both the bridge and tuners have been replaced by Hipshot USA units, big improvements

Regarding electronics, the stock standard pickups have been replaced by a set of excellent US made Bartolini X5 "Candybars" as well as a cool Noll preamp with 2 Volume controls as well as 3 band EQ and kill switch. Cool!

The result is a bass that plays and sounds way better than the original instrument. Actually only the body and neck from the old Yamaha bass are left. This is a top notch bass that sounds really deep and clear and will hold its own against any other handmade bass out there with a price tag 2-3 times higher.

This is a used bass but there are only a fre minor dings in the body.

We are selling it with fresh strings, pro set up and a really cool Armour Armunoc heavily padded gigbag


JCR Custom RBX5 Purpleheart

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Body: Alder
Top: Purpleheart
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: 22
Pickups: Bartolini X5 Candybar x2 US made
Electronics: Noll Active preamp
Controls: Volume x2, 3 band EQ, Kill Switch
Weight: 4.3kg
Neck width at nut (mm): 46
String spacing at the bridge (mm): 19
Scale (inches): 34
More: Armour Armunoc gigbag included

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JCR Custom RBX5 Purpleheart