We are thrilled to add these super cool cabinets to our permanent stock. These little wonders are ridiculously lightweight and are made in Spain using the best parts. To make things even better, the price is incredibly affordable too. Order your Lightbox cabinet from us today and you won't regret it.

There are differnt models within the range to have you covered from rehearsals and small clubs to the largest stages.

They work beautifully both for electric and upright bass.

This is the 1x12" model and it weights in a just 6.9kg (15,21lbs). It has a neodimium 12" speaker and a high frequency driver with level control at the back.

All Lightbox Cabinets are finished in polyurea paint which makes them virtually undestructable as well as water and fire proof. Amazing!

There is a combo Input at the back that can take both Speakon or 1/4" jacks as well as a parallel output to daisy chain more cabs (as long as the total impedance doesn't go below what your amp is able to work).

Of course all these specs would be useless if the sound was not good, but we are glad to report that the sound is excelent too.

Amazing value for money.

Order your Lightbox cabinet from us today and you won't look back. And your back will actually thank you for many years to come. Maybe you have already tried (or own) a Neo cabinet from another manufacturer, but believe us: this is next level Neo. By comparison, those other Neo cabs out there actually seem heavy.

Lightbox Cabinet 1x12 Neodimio (6.9kg)

Speakers: 12" Neodimio + Tweeter
Power handling: 400W RMS (800W program)
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Frequency response: 50Hz-18.000Hz
Sensitivity: 98 dB's
Porting: Yes, front
Tweeter control: Yes
Weight: 6.9kg/15.21lbs
Other: Water and fire resistant
Country of origin: Made in Spain
We are sorry, this product is not part of our stock right now. If you want to order the same or a similar product please contact us and we'll be happy to help

Lightbox Cabinet 1x12 Neodimio (6.9kg)