• Glockenklang Stack Rock Art head + 6 Box cabinet
  • Glockenklang Stack Rock Art head + 6 Box cabinet

This is a used high end Glockenklang Stack made in Germany. It shows some slight wear but everything is in perfectly working order. Sounds amazing.


Glockenklang Heart Rock Head Bass Amplifier in very good condition and sounds great. Some light wear from normal use, excellent operating condition.

Glockenklang extends their Bassware Line with the new Heart-Rock head. It provides a warm, accurate and very dynamic and powerful bass-sound. Glockenklang improved the preamp of the Soul head again and equipped it with additional switches for Insert and Poweramp In. One highlight is the new developed mosfet-poweramp with 1000 watts and an extra strong power supply unit, which gives the amp an incredible dimension in dynamic and power. Increased gain levels provide smooth overdrive, if desired. 

Glockenklang did a technical modification and can release the Heart-Rock Head for a minimum impedance of 2,7 ohms now. That means, it can handle three 8 ohms cabs or one 4 ohms and one 8 ohms cab or our new 6-Box (6 x 10") with 2,7 ohms and in this case, the output-power is 1000 real watts! Technical Data: Output power: 1000 watts @ 2,7 ohms (3x8 ohms), 750 watts @ 4 ohms, 400 watts @ 8 ohms Technology: Solid state opamp stages in the preamp, mosfet poweramp with extra strong power supply unit Inputs: 2x 1/4" jacks for instruments, 1/4" jack for Poweramp In, on switchable Controls: Trim-pot for Input B, Gain, Master Volume, DI Level, Effect Level for Loop Equalizer: Bass, Low Mid, Mid, High Mid, Treble, on switchable Effects loops: 1x serial mono, on switchable; 1x parallel adjustable on front, on switchable Outputs: Balanced DI XLR switchable pre/post EQ, adjustable; Line Out 1/4" jack, Tuner Out 1/4" jack, 2xSpeakon Speaker Out Other features: Ground-Lift-switch, footswitch-1/4" jacks for Loop and Tune Dimensions: 483 x 132 x 330 mm, 19" x 5.2" x 13" 

Weight: ca. 18,6 kg; 41 lbs.



The POWERHOUSE that does it all from classic to modern, rock/metal to funk, RnB, blues. 

The 6-Box has the same speakers as Quattro and Take Five. 

You can get it as a 2,7 ohms or a 5,3 ohms version. The 2,7 ohms version is the best choice for the Heart-Rock head, due to the full power of 1000 watts.

Comes with tilt-back wheels and handles, side handles and rear skid rails that makes it a breeze to tilt and slide into the back of a car/wagon/van and onto stages. 

All STANDARD Glockenklang speaker systems use Volt woofers, custom made exclusively for  Glockenklang, and Fostex tweeters. The standard cabinets are built from Baltic Birch timber which is then externally finished with a durable epoxy coating, and a studio-grade acoustic foam lines the inside.

All Glockenklang speaker systems compliment their range of amplifiers very well and just enhance the pure, rich tone produced by their amplifiers. Very sensitive, responsive and dynamic describes the performance of their speakers.


Power handling: 1200 watts
Impedance: std 2,7 ohms (5.3 Ohms by special order)
Sensitivity: 104,5 dB/1 W/1 m
Frequency range: 34 Hz – 18 kHz
Dimensions H x W x D: 1030 x 595 x 435 mm (40.6″ x 23.4″ x 17.1″)
Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)

Glockenklang Stack Rock Art head + 6 Box cabinet

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Power: 1000W
Head technology: Solid State
Cabinet: 6x10" + Fostex horn
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Glockenklang Stack Rock Art head + 6 Box cabinet